Welcome to Professional Together

Protecting Professionalism

Professional Together is a company dedicated to using senior policing expertise to help people make better life decisions inside and outside work, protecting the reputation of their employers in the process.

Keeping people professional and safe

Professional Together – a company founded by two senior retired police officers with 60 years’ combined experience – is dedicated to helping people make better life decisions by teaching them how to avoid or deal with threats or vulnerabilities that could have a negative impact on their career and lives.

The company’s team of expert trainers apply their broad catalogue of police experience to help organisations in all sectors and of all sizes and individuals with a wide age-range.

Their comprehensive sessions and guidance cover a range of threats to the reputation of those individuals and organisations, ranging from gambling and sexual consent through to problems around substance misuse and the responsible use of social media.

Helping people make better life choices

Professional Together’s services are particularly relevant to high-performing individuals such as: sports stars and athletes; celebrities; high-performing leaders; and executives within organisations whose profile and actions may be under greater scrutiny because they are in the public eye.

The firm’s services are also used by many companies to provide guidance for younger workers embarking on their careers, especially those in high-pressure jobs, who may be vulnerable to threats or making bad life decisions that may impact on their future careers.

Helping public and private sector organisations

Companies of all sizes are investing more and more time and money in recruiting and training the best talent. These bespoke sessions help companies also protect that investment – and their reputations – by helping their staff make better life decisions outside work in order to prevent them getting into trouble.

The company’s clients include the Welsh Rugby Union and regional rugby team the Ospreys, where they deliver a programme of bespoke workshop based learning sessions to the players, squads and academies.